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photography is so fascinating to me. it's so cool that photographs can freeze a moment in time for you to enjoy later. i took my grandfathers photograph days before he passed and when i see that image of him it brings me right back to that moment in time when i was sitting with him. it makes me feel both happy and sad; happy - because i cherish that day and that time i had with him, and sad - because it makes me miss him, his stories, and his laugh. this is what moves me the most to take photographs. how they have the power to create individual emotional effects and can have memorable qualities. please enjoy viewing some of my work below. and if you like what you see please feel free to reach out with projects.

image of robert allen usitalo "grandpa" taken by | jennifer pesola | photographer |

robert allen usitalo "grandpa"

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i'm a independent photographer born and raised in the upper peninsula of michigan. available for hire and willing to travel. please feel free to reach out with projects.

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